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May 19, PM. It took six months after the acquisition to transition some of my activities to other departments at Adaptec, including the documentation I had been doing. The Wang was a centralized, mainframe-type system with terminals and tractor-feed printers that were always jamming.

I kind of liked their forum but it was "quaint" compared to all the forums, graphics, and activity we have today. May 19, AM. Latest Insider.

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Kranky, It was a few years back, maybe early s. But their golden age spanned the mids to mids, with leapfrogging competition propelling CompuServe, Prodigy, America Online and others into outdoing each other. That memory sticks oddly in my mind; even then, I guess, I sensed that the Web was going to be big in my life. By then I was working full-time for Fabrizio at Incat Systemswriting compuserve chat rooms documentation. The analogy used for online chatting in those days was CB radio anyone remember that? At the end of the term, everyone threw their punch cards out the windows of the dorms and littered the streets like a ticker tape parade on steroids.

But we had also bought a modem, and that was how I found out what computers are really for.

In Register. It was one of the CompuServe crowd who introduced me to the concept of fan fiction. Check out the latest Insider stories here. It began in January,while I was a student at the University of Texas. But I had no idea what Adaptec intended to do with me, nor, apparently, did they.

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CompuServe, Prodigy et al. You guys make me feel sooooooooo young! With some mailing lists, a small group of administrators sends announcement messages to subscribers the popular online classifieds site Craigslist got its start this way in It wasn't compuserve chat rooms chat but messages showed up immediately if memory serves. I learned programming using a teletype machine and punched tape.

So I typed in my real name. Some early Web-based social networks, such as 's SixDegrees. I spent time with customers on CompuServe, mostly because I enjoyed it, but I also suspected that it would become important someday. Russ is a fossil too Im sure he'll have an observation. I actually had a programm class in college where we used punch cards in the early eighties.

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July 15, Computerworld In the hyperactive online venues of today, it's easy to forget that online communities got started back when ABBA was cranking out hits. Games and compuserve chat rooms came in the form of hardware cartridges that plugged into the side of the unit. I was just sick over the whole situation, but Random House quickly had a working disc duplicated, and arranged shipping so that anyone who contacted them could get a replacement quickly.

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More from the IDG Network. I made a few posts on a message board back in '92 but don't recall the name of the place. There are several hosted BYO network services pioneer Ning is probably the most well known compuserve chat rooms dozens more that integrate social networking into existing Web sites.

Social networks are all about me and my friends and what we're doing -- and who their other friends are, and whether they'd like to be my friend too. It's really amazing how things have changed. Compuserve coin forum was where I started online back in with baud dial up modem. Give the people what they want by letting them make their own network.

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Just as well. And the first thing I found on CompuServe was the chat rooms. In a way it was a bonus, because the mistake spurred people to get in touch with us who otherwise would never have bothered. No such thing as sockets yet.

Commercial online services Strictly speaking, the first commercial online services for consumers began in the '70s with CompuServe Information Service and The Source. I didn't even know CompuServe had a coin chat back then.

In or Register to comment. Really my observation was more in line with Condors in how difficult and expensive it was to hook up and compuserve chat rooms with just a few coin enthusiasts. Amazingly enough, I still am in regular contact with two of the members and a third remains active in EAC. CompuServe, CompuCheap, why does the name Compu ring a bell?

Coin Forum. I was in 6th of 7th grade about the time I started messing around with that. Because all the terminals were linked to a central server, the Wang could be used to broadcast messages to every terminal in the embassy, or to send a message directly to anyone whose logon name you knew. Unlike commercial online services aimed at a national audience, many BBSs were local affairs run by hobbyists, often limited to compuserve chat rooms one user at a time. Out In Register.


Usenet Inspired by BBSs, a group of academics dreamed up a distributed database that would look and act like a BBS's threaded discussion group -- but not be tied to a single BBS server. Here are the latest Insider stories. The system thrived until the mid-'90s, when floods of newbies from AOL and other commercial online services, the first widespread spam, and competition from the Web drove many users away.

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Be interested in anyone's views. She never forgave me for that. Every additional compile dropped you a letter grade.

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I was immediately popular in the chats, because in those days men vastly outed women, compuserve chat rooms I was young and single and said so. The rest, as they say, is history. The message board I liked was Genie. For anybody that has, when you look at sites like this, you really marvel at how far coins and the hobby have come.

I can say without hubris that I have a talent for communicating online.


The next time a broadcast came through, I noticed that the menu at the bottom of the message included reply options. But do you remember it back in the really old days with no graphics, colors, strictly BBS type format? It's hard to establish where this began, but one early example was Salon.

Chapter 1: Network Overview.

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Toggle. May 19, AM in U. In those days, BBSs and commercial online services were the only online communities available outside of academic, government, or corporate networks, and they enjoyed massive popularity until the Web revolution stole their thunder and turned many of them into ISPs. I remember there was a free local publication with just lists of local BBS phone s listed. I did various secretarial work on a Wang word processing system I had ly learned word processing on a self-contained Philips terminal, and electronic typesetting on a machine the size of a compuserve chat rooms.

And how many people you can connect with online. Deing the compuserve chat rooms version of the book was also a formative experience: I became adept at hypertext long before I saw the Web. The admin never noticed until one of my friends made a mistake. I met my new boss, Dave Ulmer, in February of Something had gone wrong in manufacturing, and no one at Random House had thought to test the disc before binding it up with the book.

Timeline: the evolution of online communities

She hit the wrong menu choice, and broadcast her message to the entire Embassy. Like Usenet discussion groups, e-mail discussion lists have been formed for every topic under the sun. All my best ideas about supporting customers online came from the customers themselves.

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Here's how online communities have evolved. About a dozen met in Austin, then some of the same group, plus others, met in Dallas.

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Discussions Activity Best Of He not only understood the Usenet, he was frequently and visibly out there himself. So long CompuServe, nice to have known you. While a lot of things have changed in the hobby over the past twenty years, on-line access is definitely one of the positives.

Social networks Web-based communities were all about exploring ideas and sharing interests, and as such they compuserve chat rooms subtly from social networks, which came along soon after. By Matt Lake Computerworld. That company is now owned by Adobe. As I entered, the system asked for my name instead of a handle. But they provided downloadable files and applications as well as a forum to post messages for other members, and some of the larger BBSs grew to rival the commercial online services in size and scope, either separately or in BBS networks such as FidoNet.

My father bought me my first computer, a Commodore Vic

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