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Next, we will present related studies on cross-cultural communication via online platforms. Besides Moodle and Facebook, two synchronous online video conferencing sessions one at the beginning, the other at the end of project were arranged allowing the students at both sides to meet online. Although many sex chat rooms hsuehchen deemed Facebook appropriate and promising for providing a parallel and complementary platform to Moodle, they felt at a loss how to continue after the initial self-introduction.

Shadiev, R. Language barrier, as reported in many other studies on cross-cultural communication e. OctoberIssue Complete sp. MarchVolume 27 Issue 2 sp. Through a comprehensive review of 50 empirical studies, Hew, Cheung, and Ng summarized several barriers for online discussion including lack of felt need, behavior of other participants e.

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The pedagogical-technological divide and the elephant in the room. On the other sex chat rooms hsuehchen, the students also shared their reasons for passive participation in the Facebook group, among which the most salient was unfamiliarity among participants. Search all SpringerOpen articles Search. DecemberVolume 37 Issue 12 sp. Interaction, Internet self-efficacy, and self-regulated learning as predictors of student satisfaction in online education courses Authors Yu-Chun Kuo Andrew E.

A qualitative exploration into graduate perceptions of doctoral value Authors Billy Bryan Kay Guccione. DecemberVolume Issue Complete sp. Abstract In developing the Online Self-regulated Learning Questionnaire OSLQ to address the need for an instrument measuring self-regulation in the online learning environment, this study provides evidence toward the reliability and validity of the instrument.

Learning, Media and Technology, 34 3— They also attached the related websites for my reference. AprilVolume Issue Complete sp.

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Create a synergy between formal and informal platforms Thus far, we have pondered over the lessons learned and insights gleaned on fostering both cognitive and social dimensions of an online group through formal and informal platforms, respectively. Using Facebook to facilitate course-related discussion between students and faculty members. Although the use of informal Sex chat rooms hsuehchen group for socialization had deviated from our expectation, we still think it is a viable option for supplementing formal platform.

Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks, 18 21—9. Edmundson Ed. For the Taiwan institute, the participating class consisted of 16 students who were all year 2 students.

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Such a de will create a genuine need for students within a group to know each other, communicate through digital technologies, and collaborate with each together. Gray, Annabell, and Kennedy reported through a survey among medical students in Australia, only a quarter of students acknowledged the use of SNS for supporting learning. In our study, we encouraged the students to have casual and free talk on any topic that interested them. Lee, J. Barnett-Queen, T. For each discussion topic, the instructors first posted general guiding questions and the students were encouraged to respond, initiate new thre under the theme, or respond to each sex chat rooms hsuehchen.

The other influencing factor concerned the purpose and de of the Facebook group. MayVolume 48 Issue 3 sp.

McCarthy, J. Date limit:. Help seeking Jones, N. First, both the instructors and students perceived the time limitation as a major obstacle. How is the use of technology in education evaluated? Mora J. Google Scholar Fewkes, A. Student contribution in asynchronous online discussion: a review of the research and empirical exploration.

Article Google Scholar Yang, J. Existing studies on the theme usually involve a single online platform, be it formal like Moodle or Blackboard e.

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I choose a time with few distractions for studying for my online courses. Liu, Y. About this region Search Form Enter search terms. The students at both sides were all education majors at similar year levels who took similar courses concerning ICT for education. Data were collected from two samples of students. As mentioned earlier, there were three discussion folders created on Moodle each for different topics related to ICT and education. What mentioned most was the excitement of knowing more about people as well as educational contexts and realities at both places.

Sex chat rooms hsuehchen details. Central to our study is the accentuation of the sociability dimension of learning. Article Google Scholar Manca, S. Google Scholar Salmon, G. AprilVolume 95 Issue Complete sp.

At the end of the semester, the students were invited to finish an online questionnaire that aimed to understand their experiences and perceptions of the cross-cultural discussion, as well as factors for their online participation such as interest in the topics, responses from peers, comfort level with online discussion.

DecemberVolume 39 Issue 12 sp.

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All authors worked collaboratively in writing and revising the manuscript. There were 59 Hong Kong students participated in the study, and they were year 1 and year 2 students taught by two instructors class A with instructor A; class B with instructor B. This first experiment of cross-cultural online discussion also yielded valuable insights into the challenges and instructional de issues, which will be elaborated below.


Book Google Scholar. Additionally, several students from both sides were selected and invited to participate in individual interviews. Two online platforms—Moodle as a formal channel for cognitive purposes and Facebook as an informal channel for social purposes—were selected to support the online discussion between Hong Kong and Taiwan students. The online discussion ran for 5 weeks due to the different academic timetables at both places.

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Show only content I can access. Innovate: Journal of Online Education5 4.

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American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 76 21—5. Skype served as the main tool for many rounds of discussion over a wide range of issues from purpose, technological tools, grouping, as to logistic issues such as time, creation, and technical support. Task strategies Instructional de of cross-cultural discussion.

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The students from both universities were rearranged into three groups each contained about 20 Hong Kong students and 5 Taiwan students out of two main reasons: First, the related literature e. Current Subject Limits: all Click to remove. When the students were faced with unfamiliar people and were left on their own to find a topic for discussion, they felt perplexed.

Two online platforms—Moodle as a formal channel for course-related discussion and Facebook as an informal channel for social-oriented interaction—were employed.

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I work extra problems in my online courses in addition to the ased ones to master the course content. The sex chat rooms hsuehchen sample of students took coursework using an online course format while a second sample of students took coursework delivered via a blended or hybrid course format. In this regard, several students in our study suggested working on group projects in small and culturally mixed groups. Commander and colleagues offered evidence of collaborative knowledge construction through cross-national online discussion.

As mentioned earlier, due to its popularity in both Hong Kong and Taiwan, Facebook was selected for informal and social-oriented communications which would contribute to the development of social relationships. Article Google Scholar Garrison, D. They identified the social interaction and cultural interaction as the cornerstone for cross-cultural collaboration and recommended a series of topics for online discussion including social lounge, cultural orientation, and technology integration.

Supporting cross-cultural online discussion with formal and informal platforms: a case between hong kong and taiwan

The challenges encountered especially those concerning using Facebook in formal learning environments will be discussed. JulyVolume 18 Issue 5 sp. Social networks, communication styles, and learning performance in a CSCL community. For instance, for a girl who was quite active in online discussion, the questions asked included What do you see as the major benefits of online discussion? Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 3 2— The qualitative data collected through open-ended questions, interviews, and the reflection asment also echoed the positive views of online discussions on Moodle.

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To begin with, the main purpose of the formal online platform was to engage students in online discussions related to course subjects in order to enhance reflective thinking and cross-cultural understanding. Strategies for smooth and effective cross-cultural online collaborative learning. On the negative side, language barrier deterred the students from ing in the online discussion.

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Sex chat rooms hsuehchen of the research agenda was to explore whether Facebook, the most popular SNS in the informal domain, could make its way into a more formal educational setting and complement a formal system like Moodle as shown in Fig. Article Google Scholar Coates, H. With growing pervasiveness and ubiquity in our society, web-based technologies have been widely used to compliment traditional face-to-face teaching. I try to take more thorough notes for my online courses because notes are even more important for learning online than in a regular classroom.

Instructional de for cross-cultural online collaboration: grouping strategies and asment de.

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