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If you're miserable, suicidal, confused or having mood swings, you're not likely to be your 'usual self'.

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You've done the right thing in trying to get help. She addresses and helps with many different aspects at once. Therapy helps people figure out how to get through tough times. Make time to relax. If you have a mental health problem, you may feel ashamed of 'admitting' to it. We all need someone to talk to, and a friend could be the perfect person to help you.

Bullying can have a big effect on how someone feels about themselves. They talk about their experiences about life and the world around them.

I need someone to talk to about my problems – but where do i turn?

Think about how relieved you feel when you find a competent medical provider. You will be able to relax, knowing that this person understands you and knows what you're going through. Share this information. You and your provider work together to pick which days a week you will see them. For more information, please read our terms of use. Go online and choose a site. Friendship can play a key role in helping someone live with or recover from a mental health problem and overcome the isolation that often comes with it.

There are many reasons why you might need someone to talk to in a happy relationship. Remember that your role as a friend is not the same as a mental health professional.

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Or you could suggest they try another helpline or listening service. For example: Look for information that might be helpful. A family member offers the benefit of knowing you well. See our on planning for a crisis for more information. These social work projects are often based in local community centers, and mental health professionals usually staff them. For example, they may be struggling with the stigma that surrounds seeing a mental health professional. You could recommend hotlines or online chat-based helplines. Be there for your friend Bullying can have a big effect on how someone feels about themselves.

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But it's important to let them set the pace for seeking support themselves. Help them feel proud of themselves. Friends who do hang on in there can feel out of their depth, frustrated or emotionally drained. Social media s may provide additional insight on how to obtain free, confidential support. In many contemporary media and social media, you can see that the character who talks to himself or herself is often shown to have mental health issues. Your friend might not be aware of what professional support options are available, or they may be unsure of how to get support. Message boards Share your experiences, have fun and get support from other young people in similar situations.

Plus, it removes the need to sneak around to avoid the judgment they might feel when seeing a d therapist or counselor. How should I respond to hearing about my friend's problem? Our website provides lots of information about different types of mental health seeking friend or someone to talk toincluding s on what friends and family can do to help in each case.

The counsellor can wait up to 2 minutes. A family doctor is often the first person someone sees for mental health concerns. Inform them how to seek help when they're ready for example, you could show them our s on talking to your GP and what might happen at the appointment.

Make it clear - in words or actions - that you appreciate what they are doing for you. There is no need to tell anyone about what you are experiencing if you don't feel comfortable with it. This is currently under review. These are not life coaches, simply suggesting you do what your heart tells you. Our s on crisis services have more options. Learn more about what anxiety is and how to recognise the symptoms. See our legal s on sectioning and agreeing to treatment for more information.

Why people don’t want help

What's on your mind? Become informed Do a bit of research into what help is available in your area that could be useful for your friend. No need to credit card or health insurance information. The therapists at BetterHelp provide excellent support for their clients.

This is why online depression counseling can help. This could include involving your friend or family member in social events, or chatting about other parts of your lives. That's how online counseling can help. You do not even have to give your name if you want to remain anonymous. Find a way to talk that makes it easier to talk about the harder stuff. Mindcheck Visit www.

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You will be able to draw guidance and direction from your religion's writings and the counsel of someone with more knowledge than you. There are moments when you need someone to listen to you. If you can't go out - or you can't get out of bed - you become increasingly isolated and perhaps hard to be with. The website will you, and then you can work together to find the right counselor that will be able to help you with your needs.

Why not give it a shot? It can include neglectphysical abuseemotional abuse and sexual abuse.

2. be open and welcoming, and listen

Suicide prevention helps save lives. You don't have to tell your friends - and you certainly don't have to tell everyone. The hotline is an available channel that many people turn to because they don't feel secure when they talk to anyone about how they feel.

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This is another great way to reduce stress and improve your overall mental health. Supporting someone can be really hard, so it's important you get help too. Just like a real therapist, everything is confidential, and therapists don't judge you, but instead offer advice from a neutral perspective. Everyone is busy with his or her own lives, and just because someone is your friend on Facebook or follows you on Twitter does not mean that they want to know about your issues.

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These professionals are trained and certified to help you talk through any mental health issues you might be dealing with. That's the work you will do in therapy. You may feel like you have to give advice. d therapists and counselors are mental health professionals who are especially trained and certified by the American Psychological Association to help you address these issues. Feedback Form Was this useful? A guide to taking the first steps, making empowered decisions and getting the right support for you.

This can help if:

It can be hard to know exactly how to help someone with depression or anxiety, and what to say to someone who's having a rough time. If you want to again, please click on the '' button. Is something going on? When you search the network of online counselors here, you can choose a provider who has experience in your particular mental health issue. Get started with the Self Evaluator. Campuses have counselling departments that support students who need help.

Your friend might want to say a lot, or hardly anything. In order to ensure that your needs are met, they will to you with no regard for the time you spend talking. If you are the friend of someone experiencing mental health problems who seems to be withdrawing from your friendship, try to understand what your friend may be going through.

There is free counseling out there, and it's a click away.

Mental health

Be ready for your friend to be shocked or not to take it in at first. Have an open conversation so that everyone is clear. Continue to be supportive. These names cover the same general area - being able to talk to a therapist, counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist from home. Homophobic and transphobic bullying Bullying is always wrong.

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There are times when friends and family can offer great advice. This site may store and process health related data for the purposes of providing counseling and related services. Acknowledge that what's happening must be difficult to handle; don't tell them that their feelings are weird or unfounded.

They have been waiting:.

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If you're finding it hard to say what's happening out loud, try writing a letter to start the conversation. They don't have an issue talking about what's on their mind, sharing what's going on in their lives, and if necessary asking for help. Things to remember: Everybody grieves differently Your friend might show a range of emotions, going from very quiet to lashing out. Another thing to remember is that many people have depression anxiety. They are somewhat biased, and sometimes, your well-meaning friends and family may even lecture you rather than giving practical advice.

Sometimes people feel comfortable speaking with someone like themselves who have had similar experiences.

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